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The Wellington Tenths Trust is an Ahu Whenua trust constituted by the Maori Land Court Order of December 16, 2003, pursuant to Sec 244 of Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 which varied the original Trust Deed of 1977 and the subsequent variation of Deed made on 17 July, 1996.
There are currently 6,548 registered beneficial owners and many other whanau through those beneficial owners.
With total assets as at 31 March 2017 of $71.6 million the beneficial owners of the Trust are now achieving a good economic return from their assets.
The Trust owns a total of 81 hectares of land.

The Trust was established to administer Maori Reserve lands, largely in urban Wellington, although it also administers a rural block in Kaitoke, Upper Hutt.

The beneficial owners of the reserves are descendants of hapu of Te Atiawa, Ngati Tama, Taranaki, and Ngati Ruanui tupuna who were living within the rohe in 1839.

The objective of Wellington Tenths Trust is: to maintain and develop the reserves to the best financial and social benefit of the descendants of the original owners. Therefore the managing Trustees must look at investments and projects in a holistic way – incorporating cultural, social, spiritual and financial considerations in their decision making. Another responsibility of the Trust is to up hold the Mana Whenua status in the region. This means that the Tenths are involved in many different projects and activities in the Wellington region.

Since gaining rights to exercise self-management, and despite the ongoing prejudicial legislation under which they have been forced to operate, the Trusts have managed their resources in a positive way, growing their value from around $100,000 in the late 1970’s to over $55 million currently. This is an enormous success story, particularly in view of the fact that, for most of their operation the Trusts were denied in legislation equality with other landowners.

Relationship with Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust

The Wellington Tenths Trust and Palmerston North Maori Reserve Trust have been established since 1839 and 1866 respectively. 

The Trusts are known as ‘Sister Trusts’ because they emanate from the same parents, that being the land and waters at Te Whanganui a Tara. Both Trusts are comprised of etehi o nga hapu/iwi o Taranaki who are mana whenua at Te Whanganui a Tara. This, along with the terms of land exchange that created the Palmerston North Maori Reserves, shows how closely the Trusts are ‘related’ with many owners succeeding to both Trusts. It is important to have an understanding of the ‘whakapapa’ of the Trusts in order to understand the closeness of the relationship they share. 

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CDs available 

He Kohikohinga o Nga Waiata o Taranaki CD and Booklet. This audio CD with 47 Taranaki waiata, ngeri, karakia, pou, etc. and accompanying booklet with lyrics and brief backgrounds is available from the Executive Office. This was developed as a learning resource. These taonga will be of most interest to Taranaki Whanui descendants for personal use. If you are not from Taranaki Whanui and would like to use material from this resource, we ask that you contact us first at hikoikoi@tekau.maori.nz. There is a small charge to obtain this resource of $5.00 (plus postage).

Te Tira Whakaritorito

This series of 7 "Educating Ourselves" booklets are also available from the Executive Office at the minimal cost of $5.00 (plus postage) for the set. The booklets are (1) Hunukutanga; (2) Te Upoko o Te Ika; (3) Life in Port Nicholson After the Arrival of Pakeha Settlers; (4) Te Whanganui a Tara me One Takiwa - Pa, Kainga, Ngakinga, Urupa; (5) The Changing Landscape; (6) Waitangi Tribunal Findings & Settlement Act; (7) Entrepreneurship Te Upoko o Te Ika a Maui.
Any enquiries about the CDs or booklet set should be directed to hikoikoi@tekau.maori.nz or by phoning 04 4732502.